Monday, July 9, 2007

What's a clever title for "update"??

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. It's not like anything much new has happened in my life. Still unemployed. Still broke. Still single. Are these things connected? You be the judge. The good news is, today I'm not in a public library doing this, I'm at my sister's house and my little baby niece is trying to help me type.
Thanks go out to my two readers, I'm assuming there are only two of you because I only have comments from two people. If there are more of you out there...awesome! If not, oh well.

Not a whole lot you can cook when you haven't had money for groceries in over a month and are living primarily on rice and pasta. I did have to opportunity to help cook for a dinner fundraiser a friend of mine was throwing. I wasn't the cook and it wasn't my menu, but I helped with prep and cleaning and whatnot. The menu was great and the cook was really can find out more on her blog, which is a much better blog then mine. So not much cooking going on in my world right now, when I finally get a new job and have some money, expect to see more meals I've tried and restaurant reviews.

Wimbledon- So, Federer beats Nadal, in 5 sets to win his 5th consecutive title at the All-England club. Surprised? Me neither. Unless it's on clay, Federer doesn't lose. All the tennis people are billing Federer/Nadal as a "great rivalry", I disagree. Granted, Nadal has won 8 of 10 vs Federer, but 6 of those wins were on clay. It's just too predictable to call a great rivalry. Nadal is a solid number 2 guy, but until he wins a major other then the French, I'm just going to call it dominance on the part of Federer. On the ladies side, things were more boring. Venus Williams wins her 4th title, as the 24 seed! Good for her, I've never been a fan of hers, but I was surprised she had fallen so far so fast. Maybe she's back? As for here opponent...who? The 11 seed? Never heard of her.
Baseball- It's the All-Star break and the Mets are leading in the east! After a horrible June they put together a pretty solid run, but still stumbled into the break with more injuries. Hopefully, after the break, the Mets can get healthy and put together a solid run and distance themselves from the hated Braves.
Ok, I have to say that All-Star voters are stupid. It annoys me every year, but even moreso ever since Selig decided to make the All-Star game count. What are Giants fans thinking? Barry Bonds is NOT an All-Star this year! When I cast my ballots, I don't just look for the names of guys on my favorite team. Sometimes, they happen to be the best at the position (Reyes and Wright, Beltran) but others don't deserve it. I didn't vote for Lo Duca or Delgado this year, because they weren't worthy. The fans in Colorado really dropped the ball because Matt Holliday should be starting in the outfield this year, but he's not. Bobblehead Barry is. Hopefully he gets pulled after an inning or two and Holliday can get some AB's. At least he's on the team! Biggest snub? I know I'll sound biased, but I'm saying John Maine. He's tied for the NL lead with 10 wins, only has 4 losses, he's number 4 in the NL in ERA, (5 overall), top 10 in K' did he not make the roster? Total snub.

OH NO!!!! Cable is gone at my apt. I'm guessing it happened last night, while I was out at the theater (I had a free ticket to see Les Miz at Music Circus). This is bad news! I still get network tv, even if it's fuzzy...but no Bravo means no Top Chef, no MTV means no Inferno 3 finale, no VH1 means no World Series of Pop Culture. No Man vs. Wild, no Deadliest Catch, and worst of all...No Food Network!!!!!! So, if you have extra money laying around and want to pay my cable bill...I'll love you forever!
Cooking shows - so I'm following three of the cooking reality shows right now and it's a bit much to try to blog on all of them. I'm right in the midst of Hell's Kitchen, Next Food Network Star, and Top Chef. Food Network Star is down to it's final three and I'll talk more about it when it's over, I don't know who'll win, but I think I'd like to see JAG get it. Hell's Kitchen is as crazy as ever, I think Chef made the right call by not sending Melissa home, this was her worst week, but we all know she's much stronger then any of the other girls. Hopefully a change of pace will turn it around for her. Top Chef still has too many chefs going and I'm not sure I've got them all figured out. Howie turned a corner and saved his neck, and Micah had a breakdown and went home. She could have won if she could have kept it together mentally, even though that meatloaf looked inedible! I'm thinking that it will probably come down to Hung and Tre...but it's still tough to tell.
Big Brother 8- WHOO HOO! I've been looking forward to this one. The cast seems like a good one and they are turning up the heat! The food challenge? Sure, get in your bikini and cover yourself in butter...were there guys in this challenge? I didn't notice. There appear to be two twists, neither one of them is particularly good. The first one is the "worst enemies" thing, but they only did it to three of the cast members. Weird. And the two girls don't really have that much of a problem. Oh no...high school rivals! The estranged dad and daughter...meh. Now, the ex-boyfriends fighting about who gave who gonorrhea, that is interesting. As for Eric, "America's Player" we'll see what much control do we have over this guy? Whatever...I'm just glad it's on again! I'm going to make the bold prediction that the new alliance formed (I don't remember their names yet, but the HOH and all those guys) will not last. I just don't think alliance is a good strategy in BB. Maybe if the alliance is a complete secret from the rest of the house, and people are split up amongst other alliances...but it just doesn't seem to do much good strategically. Too much relies on winning HOH. I can't really think of a season where a strong alliance really made the difference in the game. Plus, they always have stupid names. I'll throw my full support behind this new alliance as long as they don't have a stupid name (like chilltown, four horsemen, the friendship, etc...).
Charm School - They finally had the finale and I haven't talked about it yet. I had predicted Becky as the winner, but I was wrong...had she been really greedy about, she probably could have won, but ultimately it came down to a pity party. Don't get me wrong, I felt bad for Sapphyrie and Leiline...but if "needing the money" was the criteria for winning, what was the point of the whole show? They could have just given 50k to homeless girl in the first damn place. Oh, wait, no...they had to exploit them all first. I'll admit that this is really the first time I've completely understood when people talk about reality television as being exploitive. I felt bad for the girls and really kinda mad that the best VH1 could come up with was 50k for the prize. These girls have basically given them three fairly high rated shows, put their lives on display, put themselves up for ridicule, and for what? Some pretty dubious prizes...Flavor Flav and 50k? I'm not sure I'd eat the boiled horse penis on Fear Factor for 50k, let alone enduring the Fullerton debate team telling me what to do for two days. But maybe that's just me.

Ok, so I'm super pissed about the commutation of "Scooter" Libby's sentence. Not surprised mind you, but pissed. Will he at least be de-barred? I certainly hope so. I just don't understand how the sentence was "too severe", he was prosecuted by a Bush appointee for perjury and obstruction of justice, he was convicted by jury, and sentenced according to guidelines by another Bush appointee. Worse yet is the precedent. What this does is say that the administration can cover up whatever crime they want, have a flunky take the fall, and when he goes to jail just give him the old pardon or commute his sentence. I seriously can't wait until these criminals are out of office. Their arrogance and total disrespect for the rule of law has gone to absurd levels. Cheney? Not in the executive branch, but has executive privilege. Riiiiight. Executive privilege now means that nobody has to respond to Congressional When did this happen?
Anyways, the work continues at Sacramento for Obama. I have a meeting tonight and we'll see where we stand. I think the next big event is the Birthday bash on August 4th, you should check it out.

So thanks for reading...keep the comments coming! And Colbert? I'm waiting for you!

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