Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who needs a title?

So...I posted the address to this blog on my myspace page, and I know that Kelly read it at least once, because she left a comment, but I'm guessing there still isn't much traffic. Please comment if you are reading this, ok?
I get to go to work tomorrow, just for a day, but hey, it's a little bit of money. Other then that, life plods on. I've been helping out more with the World Trade Center, basically doing my old job, but for free. I'm getting more involved with the Obama campaign, and other then that, I'm really bored.

Food -
I don't have a lot to report in this section...being broke really limits my food options. I haven't had a chance to really try any new restaurants, or cook much at home. I'm going to be helping out for a friend of mine next week, doing some prep work (chopping and peeling and washing dishes), so I'll report on how that goes later. Maybe I'll see if my family wants me to cook something for them this weekend, I could use a good meal!

Sports -
Finally, the Mets seem to have turned the corner and their awful June will soon be behind them. Glavine just won #297 for his career and the Mets have taken 5 out of 6, with one loss to the Cards in extra innings. Carlos Gomez seems to be playing really well while Moises Alou and Endy Chavez are hurt. Gomez is supposed the Mets regular left fielder by 2009, and I'm excited about. The kid has speed (faster then Reyes!) and supposedly some power. A couple of guys are healthy again, so I think that is helping out. We got Valentin, Easley, and Green back. Shawn Green has really contributed and having our starting 2b, plus his backup, back has been helpful. I'm sure that time in majors has been helpful for Gotay, but he just didn't seem ready. So in a few years, he may be a regular part of our team as well.
The NBA draft is tonight and it should be a good one. I'm technically a Knicks fan, but when they discarded Patrick Ewing I got really mad. Although I still follow them, they have been horrible from the top down. In the mean time, I've turned into somewhat of a Kings fan as well. I'm hoping that both of my teams draft well tonight. I'd like to see the Kings take Noah if he's available, because they need a real center so that Brad Miller can play forward.

I've been watching so much tv lately, it's hard to figure what to talk about! I've been keeping up with so many shows on this blog, it doesn't give me much time to talk about anything else...So I'm going to skip past my regular discussions and talk about something else this time.
The Colbert Report...I think that this is the second half of the best hour on TV. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are the best, but the thing I like about Colbert is how active he is online. His antics are hilarious. He leaves reviews on and iTunes. He edits wikipedia articles. Posts videos, etc...all sorts of good stuff. So...I'm issuing a challenge. I challenge you Stephen Colbert, to leave a comment on my blog! If you do not, I will consider you a coward! Understood Colbert? Now, I understand that in order for this to happen, he would have to see this challenge, so I'll do my part and go to the Colbert Nation website and see what I can do.
Inferno 3...I haven't commented on this yet, and they are almost at the finale! Paula just dominated final female Inferno and so all that is left is the final challenge. I'm rooting for the Good Guys, because I just can't stand most of the people on the Bad Ass team. Particularly Derrick. He sucks. I just do not like that guy and he's on every damn challenge! Kenny is kinda funny, but Abram is also worthless. I think this is the first MTV show that he's managed to make his way to the end. He got booted off of his original season of road rules and he's been eliminated in every previous challenge he was on. So, go Good Guys I guess.

I'm trying to get really involved with Sacramento for Obama, and so far, I seem to be doing well. There is a lot of difficulty because of the FEC rules making it tough for grassroots organizations. So far I've been working with Students for Obama and I'm getting involved in several other committees. Keep your eyes on this section for more updates. The Senator's birthday is August 4th, so we are having a huge birthday party for him. Let me know if you want to attend!

Times almost up in the library, so until next time....


Kelly said...

im a blogaholic, so i check in on yours every couple of days. update more!

as for the inferno, i already know who wins. i knew before it even started! which sort of makes watching it lame because i know who will be eliminated and all that. i should really stop seeking these spoilers out! are you watching las vegas reunited? its kinda snoozy, but im hoping SOMETHING will happen. frank has turned into a total douche.

um, so yeah, ive been watching a lot of tv too. tv and the pool -- its all i do. but i have job interviews coming up so hopefully ill have a life soon.

i know im no stephen colbert, but i hope this comment will do. =)

A. J. said...

I'm totally up for the Obama birthday bash - he's far and wide my pick for the Dem nomination.

A. J. said...

Ugh - that last comment was from Audrey. Stupid Google not letting me access my profile...