Thursday, June 14, 2007


So yeah, blog number two. I know that nobody is reading this, I'm not sure even how people would find this if they wanted to read it. I guess that's a project for another day. Right now I just feel like writing it. It's starting to get hot here in Sacramento and the denizens of the library aren't exactly fans of this may be a short post.

Food -
I went to Michelangelo's last night for dinner, it's on I street between 17th and 18th. They have a pretty good wine selection there, but I think the food needs help. Maybe it was just my dish, or my personal taste, but I wasn't impressed. I had the spaghetti and meatball and get this, there were raisins in the meatball. Raisins. I'm not a big raisin fan, particularly hot raisins. They certainly don't belong in my meatball. Not to mention the fact that it was overcooked and dry. It was like one of those bad cafeteria meatloafs where they try to stretch the meat by adding too much breadcrumb and you get this really dense, flavorless meat. Except this had raisins.

Sports -
Well, the NBA finals are a total snooze. I'm not surprised. The Cavs just have nothing for the Spurs. It will most likely be a sweep. People insist on calling the Spurs a "dynasty" now, which irritates me. They're not. Neither are the Patriots. Or any other team that happens to string together a few championships within my lifetime. Four championships in 9 years isn't even really dominance. It only SEEMS that way because the other championships were split up amongst different teams. If the Spurs had won 4 of 9, and someone else, like the Kings or something, had won the other 5, would the Spurs be a dynasty? I don't think so. So why are they now? The Bulls won 6 of 8 and could probably be considered a dynasty. They could have won 8 straight, or even 10 straight, if Jordan hadn't tried to be a baseball player and they kept the team together. The Celtics were a dynasty back in the Bill Russel days. The Chinese had a dynasty or two. I'm going to declare anything less then 5 championships in 10 years as not dynastic. Plus, you should have to win at least two consecutive championships.

Television -
Summer season is upon us. This means no Survivor, except my DVD's, which I've watched a lot already. It also means no Amazing Race unless I stay up until 3am to watch it on the Game Show Network. I really need tivo so I don't have to do that. The good news however is that we get new season's of Hell's Kitchen (crying asian cowboys!!), Top Chef, and soon...very soon, Big Brother.
The first two episodes of HK have been good. As is normal for this show, there is way too much voiceover and summaries. It's as if they are paranoid that you've forgotten everything that happened while you were watching the commercials. In case you forgot, Aaron went crazy. I'd like to say he's a terrible chef, but since he hasn't managed to keep it together long enough to actually cook anything, it's tough to say. He does make for good television though. I've never seen a giant, blubbering, 50 year old, asian cowboy before.
Top Chef had it's first episode of season three last night, and it was good! The first cut seemed pretty easy because dude couldn't cook. At all. The quickfire challenge was to make an amuse, and dude carved out an apple and filled it with other chopped fruit. I'm sure it was a delicious fruit salad, but an amuse is supposed to be one bite. ONE BITE. Not an entire apple. Other then that, all the chefs look pretty solid this season.

Politics -
Not a whole lot I want to talk about on this subject today. I'm annoyed about the Alberto Gonzalez vote and how it went down. Not that it would have made much difference because Bush doesn't really care about trivial things such as democracy, but come on. The AG is a scumbag, and a criminal, and he needs to be booted, but the Senate couldn't even pull it together to pass a no-confidence resolution. I think they should have forced the filibuster. We haven't seen a good filibuster in a long time and I'd like to see them try it. Please? Other then that, I'm looking into getting involved in the Obama campaign, so we'll see how that goes.

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